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Shaikh Khalifa Medical Centre (SKMC) Abu Dhabi UAE

Shaikh Khalifa Medical City 


The Sheikh Khalifa Medical City is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. The health care facilities that comprise SKMC are situated on an island about five miles wide and nine miles long.  Architecturally, Abu Dhabi is an intriguing city where the domes and minarets of traditional mosques are surrounded by ultramodern skyscrapers, tree-lined boulevards, gleaming fountains and parks. The Sheikh Khalifa Medical City operates under the management and direction of the General Authority for Health Services for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Medical City has several 'Centers of Excellence' and aspires to practice contemporary medicine comparable to the best hospitals and medical centers in the world. SKMC provides comprehensive health care services in all of the disciplines relevant to the needs and priorities of the community and promotes a work ethos sensitive to the social and cultural values of the Community to attain the highest levels of patient satisfaction.

SKMC is an acute modern facility that opened in February 2000 with services provided through an inpatient and large outpatient facility. With the opening of SKMC, many  procedures that once drew local Emirates citizens to the UK and USA for treatment can now be performed here. A large proportion of the Senior staffing is from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and Sth Africa. SKMC is a fully accredited healthcare facility with all the sections and departments you would expect in a large western referral teaching hospital.  2006 will see new sections open and the opportunity for more expatriate employment.

SKMC is comprised of the following divisions:

Acute Care Facilities:

  • Sheikh Khalifa Medical Pavilion (Previously known as the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center)

  •  Al Jazeira Pavilion (Previously known as Al Jazeira Hospital)

  • Central Pavilion (Previously known as the Central Hospital)

Behavior Science Facilities:

  • Behavioral Sciences Pavilion (Previously known as the Psychiatric Hospital)


SKMC generally offers the following for staff

  • tax free salaries

  • free travel and accommodation

  • 2 year contracts

  • return annual holiday tickets

  • free uniforms

  • shift allowances

  • free medical care

  • free insurance

  • 40 hour working week

For most contracts for nurses, accommodation will be provided for families. Depending on grade and gender of applicants, flights will be provided for employee and family or employee only.  Contact us for clarification of where you stand.


For more details on SKMC or to make an application, please contact your Allied Health Employment consultant.


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