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 Now Hiring - Registered Nurses for Sydney and Canberra in Australia. Agency / Community Care work - over 40 vacancies and sponsored working visas provided.

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Employment opportunities & jobs  in Australia & New Zealand for Registered Nurses
Registered Nurse Jobs Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand currently has a shortage of Registered Nurses, particularly in the regional and country areas as well as in some cities.

Vacancies exist across both the public and private hospital sectors in Australia however the public sector in both countries.

Registration To Practise

In order to work in Australia and New Zealand, Registered Nurses need to obtain registration to practise. Recent changes with the Australian State Nursing Boards has made this process more difficult for South African Registered Nurses and is no longer a guaranteed right. Your application to Australia will be based on qualifications and post graduate experience. Prior experience in the UK, New Zealand or Ireland is looked upon favourably. Many Registered Nurses now need to undertake a clinical training program in Australia at their own expense for 12 weeks as well as sitting an entrance examination in order to obtain registration. 

The Registration process for New Zealand remains more simple for South African professionals. Please contact our office with regard to this process for an assessment of your credentials. 

Registration Board Details

New Zealand

Nurses Board New Zealand
Postal Address: PO Box 9644, Wellington, New Zealand
Street Address: Level 12, Mid City Tower, 139-143 Willis Street, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 4 385 9589
Fax: +64 4 801 8502

Web Overseas Registration Enquiries Enquiries regarding practicing certificates

All midwives must also be registered with the Midwifery Council of NZ

Midwifery Council New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 499 5040


Note: Please contact your Allied Health consultant regarding registration in Australia due to recent changes in recognition of qualifications for South African registered nurses.

Nurses Board of Victoria

Ph: 03 8635 1200
Fax: 03 8635 1214


Queensland Nurses Council

Ph: 07 3223 5111
Free call in QLD: 1300 139 993
Fax: 07 3223 5115



Nurses Board of Western Australia

Ph: 08 9421 1100
Fax: 08 9421 1022


Nurses Board of Northern Territory

Ph: 08 8999 4157
Fax: 08 8999 4196

Nurses Board of South Australia

Ph: 08 8223 9777
Fax: 08 8223 9707


Nurses and Midwives Board,
New South Wales

Ph: 02 9219 0222 or 1800 241 220
Fax: 02 9281 2030

Nurses Board of Tasmania

151 Davey Street, Hobart Tasmania 7000

Ph: 03 6224 3991
Fax: 03 6224 3995

Australian Capital Territory

PO Box 976 Civic Square ACT 2608

Ph: 02 6205 1599
Fax: 02 6205 1602

Once you have completed the registration process, we can then discuss with you your employment opportunities. As soon as you have a job offer, we can then arrange your working visa and departure for Australia or New Zealand. Visa options vary from country to country and depend on your personal circumstances however most visas are for a 1-4 year duration during which time permanent residency can be arranged.

Australia & New Zealand offer fantastic opportunities for nurses where you are recognised as a professional and treated and paid as such. Hospitals are modern accredited and state of the art.  Careful attention is paid to Career Professional Development with courses, in-services and seminars.  Many regional and country hospitals will also offer accommodation on site for single nurses for a nominal cost allowing you to relocate easily and save money instantly. Consider Australia & New Zealand as a location to advance your nursing career.

Contact your Allied Health consultant to discuss the steps involved to advance your Nursing career in Australia & New Zealand. Whether you are looking to relocate for just a few years or permanently with your family, we can assist you all the way from the steps to Registration to your arrival. 

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         Capital Coast District Health Board - Wellington - New Zealand

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