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We are pleased to offer you the chance to work in Qatar, one of the smallest and most tranquil countries in the Gulf region.  With a population of just 600 000 and a relaxed and liberal atmosphere, Qatar is seen as a location of choice for expatriate workers in the Middle East region. 

Qatar is situated halfway along the western coast of the Arabian Gulf. It is a peninsula projecting northwards about 160 sq. km. It has been blessed with large oil reserves and one of the world’s largest single concentration of non-associated natural gas in the world. Its economy is sound and thriving.

The climate is characterized by a mild winter with little rain and a hot summer. The weather is generally pleasant during the period from October to May.

The people of Qatar number about 640,000. Islam is the country’s official religion. Arabic is the official language although English is widely spoken. European and Asian communities reside and work in the government sector and business enterprises.

The currency is Qatari Riyal (US$1=QR3.65). Several hotels of different grades are available in Doha. Also many restaurants and fast food chains are present. There are also shopping centres and shopping markets dispersed in various places in Doha
. For weekend trips, Dubai is just a short 40 minute flight away.

The healthcare system consists of  four highly specialised hospitals:

Hamad General Hospital: Hamad General Hospital extends a highly specialized care to all the people of Qatar through a modern and well-equipped facility. The hospital opened in 1982 and has a total of 621 beds for inpatient care, a large outpatient department providing 65 specialty clinics, an Accident and Emergency Department, five intensive care units, eight operating theatres, and a pharmacy. Modern diagnostic facilities consisting of Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology and a Department of Radiology support all therapeutic services. Continuous upgrading of all equipment and protocols of care has kept Hamad General abreast of new developments in all specialties.

Rumailah Hospital: The Rumaillah Hospital is Qatar’s oldest health facility. Originally built in 1956, Rumaillah Hospital opened in 1957 as a 200-bed general hospital with ambulance services and a large outpatient facility.

Following the opening of Hamad Hospital in 1982, Rumaillah Hospital became a rehabilitation centre for disabled adults, elderly people and handicapped children. With many of its units requiring major renovation, management launched a 10-year program to rebuild the facility in three phases.

The completion of the renovation program for Rumaillah Hospital in 1997 was a hallmark for the Corporation. Qatar’s oldest health care facility was refurbished into a modern yet quiet hospital offering a 306-bed facility with a spacious, clean and restful environment.

In addition to its current rehabilitative and therapeutic services, Plastic Surgery, ENT Surgery, Ophthalmology, Day Care Surgery and a Stroke Unit were added to Rumaillah. The Hospital will have seven operating theatres; a laboratory and a diagnostic imaging facility with an MRI, ultrasound and bone densitometry equipment.

Women’s Hospital: The State of Qatar provides highly specialized care to women and infants. A well- quipped facility for women and babies was built and opened in 1988. The Women’s Hospital is one of three hospitals managed by Hamad Medical Corporation.

The maternal facility is patronized by women of all nationalities in the state and handles 1000-1200 deliveries per month. The hospital offers a total of 334 beds to women. The private wing offers 31 private rooms and 4 wings for the newly born babies at the neonatal intensive care unit.

Women’s Hospital has 334 beds in five upper floors. Most of the rooms are twin-bedded with a bathroom. The rooms are grouped according to the type of care required by the patient: They are antenatal, postnatal, gynaecology and high dependency areas.

The Hospital has highly furnished wing composed of 35 beds, on private hotel quality level providing privacy, special menu food and cable programs.

The Women’s Hospital provides a superb hospital service for pregnant women and newborns. Most services are accessible to everyone with a minimal charge.

Psychiatric Hospital - Delivering Mental health Services to the people of Qatar.

Primary Health Care Centres - several - Recently, a number of clinics in the Primary Health Care Centres were established such as: The Healthy Woman Clinic, Maternity and Child Care Clinic.

Moreover, the Family Medicine Program, Ambulance Services and Emergency Programs, Chronic Diseases Program, Mouth and Dental Health Program, the Specialized Clinics Programs for Ear, Nose, Throat, Ophthalmology and Cardiology were established in a number of the Primary Health Care Centres.


All sites are currently working toward JCI Accreditation. 

Exciting further developments will be the new opening of the Hamad Medical City.  The 15th Asian Games will be held in Doha in December 2006. 10,000 athletes representing over 40 countries will be participating. During these two weeks the Capital will be the centre of the international sporting scene, with events occurring throughout the city.

Following the Asian Games the site will become the Hamad Medical City bringing world-class health care to Qatar. New hospital facilities for Children, Orthopaedics, Physical Medicine, Dialysis Centre, Day Surgery, a Trauma Centre and a Nursing Home will be completed on the campus totalling approximately 1000 beds.

The following are indicative building areas comprising the overall project:
a) Hospitals 180,000m2
b) Ministry of Health building 30,000m2
c) Staff Accommodation 250,000m2
d) Staff Recreational Facilities 8,000m2
e) Education Building 3,500m2
f) Two Mosques 1,200m2

The Hamad Medical City offers a great new location for employment in the Gulf region and is proving very popular.


On offer in Qatar

  • 40- 48 hour working week depending on profession

  • Free accommodation for you and your family - depending on grade of contract

  • Free flights for you and your family - depending on grade of contract

  • 3 year contracts

  • End of contract bonus (3 months salary)

  • Free medical care

  • Free uniforms

  • Free insurance

  • 40 calendar days annual leave

  • Tax free salary - depending on years experience and also to some point by negotiation

  • Living allowances


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