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American Hospital Dubai

The American Hospital Dubai is a 120 bed, acute care, general medical/surgical hospital whose mission is to provide high quality American standard healthcare that will meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the people of Dubai, the UAE and the surrounding Gulf States.

The new facilities at the American Hospital Dubai include a Dialysis Unit with private rooms; lithotripsy service (treatment of kidney stones); a 10-bed Intensive Care Unit; Expanded Emergency Department staffed with US Board Certified physicians; a 13 bed child-friendly Pediatric Suite; and an Endoscopy Suite offering same-day surgery and private rooms.

Three brand new state of the art machines in the Radiology Department - MRI, Multi Slice CT and Nuclear Medicine - have created the most modern radiology service in the Middle East, with equipment that is faster and capable of conducting a wide range of examinations with a higher degree of detail.

The American Hospital Dubai was therefore planned, designed, built and equipped to meet American Standards of healthcare. We operate to these standards, every day, in everything we do for you. All of our physicians who are credentialed at our hospital are North American Board Certified or equivalent Western training programs, such as those in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The American Hospital Dubai has continued to expand its services in primary and secondary care, plus selective tertiary services, to include Centers of Excellence in Joint Replacement, Diabetes, Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery, Oncology, and Laparoscopic Surgery. In 2004, the size of American Hospital Dubai increased by a further 25 per cent, to meet the growing demand for more personalized services, comfort and convenience, broaden the healthcare services they offer and deepen the level of expertise and care available.

The American Hospital Dubai continues to expand. It is currently working on the second stage of the expansion phase, which includes 180,000 square foot Medical Office Building to offer additional clinic space and services to accommodate our ever expanding number of physicians. This will include a 4 story high building with one complete floor underground plus a 500 space parking garage. This project will be complete by the middle of 2006.

JCIA accreditation

The American Hospital Dubai is the first hospital in the Middle East to be accredited by the Joint Commission International Accreditation ( JCIA), a subsidiary of the United States based Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations ( JCAHO). The hospital was reaccredited in May 2003. It took years of work and effort to prepare the hospital to meet the standards of the JCIA. Experts from the United States of America visited our hospital and compared day to day activities against their American standards.

CAP accreditation

The American Hospital Dubai Medical Laboratory has been accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) in the summer of 2001 and reaccredation in 2003. In addition to the hospital being the first hospital to receive JCIA accreditation, the hospital is able to announce that it is the first private laboratory in the Middle East to receive this accreditation by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Total Joints Replacement Center of Excellence

The Total Joints Replacement Center of the American Hospital Dubai is the first of its kind in the Middle East. It is the 4th worldwide after similar centers in Holland, Spain and Britain. Dr. Samih Tarabichi is the Center's Medical Director. Dr. Tarabichi has performed over 2000 joint replacements with over 600 at the American Hospital Dubai.

The Center serves physicians throughout the Middle East, Africa and the Mediterranean basin. It provides them with quality training in total joint replacement. The Center also hosts world-class surgeons who provide consultation and training to its doctors and nurses. To ensure quality service with top standards, the hospital has entered into an affiliation agreement with the University of Dundee continually monitors all Centers of Excellence by assigning a secret code to each operation. Coupled with its extensive surgical expertise, the Center is fully equipped with every possible means to ensure the highest success rates worldwide. It uses the latest and the most extensive range of full or partial artificial joints that are only available at the American Hospital Dubai. These capabilities are made available to ensure the least surgical intervention, with special consideration given to the particular case of each patient.

In addition, the American Hospital Dubai employs a superb computer-based technology; namely, the Navigation System, to assist in the accurate fitting of artificial joints.

Diabetes Center of Excellence

The Center's mission is to provide people with diabetes and their families specialist medical care and supervision, information and education, support and empowerment to allow a full, active and healthy life with the knowledge to enable efficient self-management and control of the disease.

Care is provided according to the standards recommended by international bodies. (American Diabetes Association, Diabetes UK, International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes).

The Diabetes Center of Excellence offers a one-stop shop for all your Diabetes needs for all ages:

Specialist Children's Diabetes Clinic
Specialist Adolescent Diabetes advice
Adults Type 1 and 2 Diabetes clinic
Elderly Type 2 Diabetes clinic
Diabetes in pregnancy clinic.

Delivering better cardiac care

The Heart Center at the American Hospital Dubai is the new regional center of excellence for cardiac care, providing US standards of care to patients in the UAE and the region. The Heart Center is capable of treating all types of cardiac conditions and performing advanced interventional and surgical procedures, all with the assurance that the American Hospital Dubai operates to the high standards required by Joint Commission International from the U.S., which has accredited (and re-accredited) the hospital.

The Heart Center comprises two areas -interventional cardiology and surgery. The Center is one of a small, select group of medical centers worldwide, and the only private healthcare institution in the region, capable of undertaking advanced interventional and surgical procedures, such as minimally invasive cardiac surgery and beating heart bypass surgery. The Heart Center is committed to introducing new, advanced techniques such as endoscopic and robotic procedures, as they become available.

State of the art -the cardiac unit
The Heart Center at the American Hospital Dubai is located in a dedicated unit comprising a new, state of the art Cardiac Catheterization laboratory; anew, 6-bed coronary care unit operated by western trained cardiac nursing staff; and a newly renovated operating room dedicated to cardiac surgery.

The unit provides inpatient and outpatient catheterization and interventions, peripheral angiograms and interventions; nuclear medicine -using radioactive isotopes injected into the patient to aid diagnosis; cardiac/carotid/ peripheral sonography; and Lipidology.

Beating heart surgery
Beating heart surgery means that the surgeon does not stop the heart while he is operating, which is safer for the patient, reduces the trauma of the operation and ensures a quicker recovery.

The procedure reduces the risk of kidney and lung failure, as the patient maintains better cognitive function, which in turn reduces the risk of stroke - important issues for high-risk patients who may suffer from other health problems such as kidney failure or breathing disorders.

It is a technically challenging procedure and requires mmense skill from a highly trained and experienced physician -in skilled hands, the beating heart bypass echnique can be used safely for procedures nvolving all areas of the heart, including multi-vessel procedures.

Almost 100 per cent of the American Hospital Dubai Heart Center's surgical procedures will be performed using the beating heart bypass technique and the center will be capable of performing this procedure with high risk patients.


This is a popular site for Western Staff and really the only site in Dubai that offers incentives and wages to attract western staff workers. 

Departments include

Renal including Dialysis
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Sports Medicine

The Hospital is located in the Bur Dubai district which is quite central with respect to the city centre and beaches.

For Nursing staff

  • 2 year contract minimum  

  • Single contract for nurses (shared accommodation only) at no cost sharing with one other staff member in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with free transport to and from work  OR 2000 Dirhams per month accommodation allowance to find your own place to rent and 600 Dirhams per month travel allowance

  • 48 hour working week

  • 12 hour shifts for nurses

  • Electricity and other utilities paid for by the hospital with the exception of long distance calls if you live in hospital accommodation

  • Free yearly return annual leave ticket

  • Free flight at start and end of contract

  • 30 calendar days annual leave

  • 10 public holidays at full pay per annum

  • 21 days salary paid as a bonus annually when you finish your contract

  • Eligibility for paid overtime and on call

  • Free medical insurance

  • Free malpractice insurance

For other professions, please contact us for what can be offered.

Contact us for further details regarding your application to the American Hospital Dubai


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